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June 6th, 2014
Park Lane Litho creates 3D Imaging (CGI)

CGI use in advertising is becoming more common as each year goes by. We feel that it is vastly becoming more of a staple in advertising. Our pursuit of excellence in the field of photo-retouching, photography, and pre-press has led us to excel at finding new ways of bringing quality and flexibility to our customers ever growing needs. That is why we have invested a lot of time and expenses in the ability to support CGI for our customers.

Please take a look at the “Portfolio” menu, under there you will see a sub-menu called “3D Images (CGI)”. This will show you a few of the images that we have created. Before I go, I would like you to take a look at a recent article that I came across from Danny Morris, entitled “CGI’s Impact on Advertising and Marketing Campaigns”. You can find the article below:

CGI’s Impact on Advertising and Marketing Campaigns“, by: Danny Morris

This month the powerful voice of the ad industry Sir Martin Sorrell, chief executive of WPP, the world’s most successful advertising company, made an announcement that was welcomed widely across the industry. The company reported unexpectedly good end of year financial results, a signal to industry that we may have weathered the worst of the recession and that after battening down the hatches for the past two years it’s now time for agencies to invest in growth. As agencies shake off the repercussions of recession, there is the incumbent pressure to rebuild quickly and increase profits, and in tandem with this will always be the need to invest in the latest technology. It has been reported that within WPP new media currently accounts for 27 per cent of revenues, but that WPP will increase this to at least a third within four years.*

With the high costs of an average advertising campaign it is clear that companies will remain cautious for sometime when signing off marketing budgets. The growth of digital marketing is both an advantage and a hindrance. New technologies such as advances in CGI can dramatically cut the cost of creating ad campaigns. The advantages mean a reduction in the costs involved of shooting on location, saving companies thousands on overheads. But the average online experience and expectations from many clients are now vastly higher, meaning that companies need to ensure that they are up to date with the latest technology.

3D has become a craze in the UK and overseas with the mainstream success of movies such as Avatar and Alice in Wonderland, and the trend is set to continue for consumers with the introduction of 3D televisions. News this week that Samsung are teaming up with Dreamworks to produce exclusive 3D versions of movies for home television demonstrates that organisations are recognising and seizing this opportunity. However the use of CGI technology in marketing has had less cut through and is perhaps not as much on the radar of some marketers in the UK as in the US. The availability of Computer Generated Imagery offers a smart alternative for marketers who are focussing on the cost benefits of various marketing solutions. CGI, the application of computer graphics for special effects, can be used as much for adverts, tv and printed materials as it can for movies, enabling the development of computer generated effects, and replicas of products or humans that are nearly indistinguishable from real life. The momentum CGI has gained in the US is looking set to continue in the UK now as marketers and brands understand its use and validity within the marketing life cycle.

CG assets are created using CAD data before a product is put into the initial stages of production, and can be used for almost any industry whether it’s virtual cars, crisps, celebrities or houses. While the flexibility of CGI technology enables the models to be transferred across print, broadcast and online marketing campaigns, it is the interactive nature of the product that gives it that elusive edge. CG assets can turn a casual interest in a product into sales and make a serious difference to a company’s bottom line, allowing companies to create virtual customisers so that consumers can engage with their products before production has even begun.

The beauty of CGI technology is its flexibility. While it can hold its own as a standalone marketing technique or product, it can also be used in conjunction with the more traditional methods to achieve even higher cut through in a crowded marketplace. CG models can be seamlessly inserted into an existing campaign. As budgets are being scrutinised more closely than ever, the cost benefits of CGI become significant; as once a digital model is created it is a multi-platform asset that can be easily used and modified without having to foot massive production bills. This lifecycle also helps avoid commonplace minor differences or inaccuracies that can typically apply across the different mediums in a marketing campaign.

CGI is exciting and reassuring. Simultaneously it satisfies the desire for organisations and agencies to be avant-garde in their approach, whilst reassuringly smart in their cash flow management.

March 20th, 2013
Park Lane Litho Releases ONLINE Image Markup Tool

Park Lane Litho would like to announce the launch of online retouching and markup features. As we move forward into the future we are very pleased to bring this type of capability to our clients. We feel that the future of digital retouching is the ability to merge quality with quantity when it comes to digital retouching and now we have the tools necessary to accomplish this. This new feature will allow us to concentrate more of our quality time on your work while providing a very fast turnaround. It will also allow us to reach a much broader scope of clientele on a worldwide scale.

If you would like to find out more information about this exciting new service then please call 212-255-9100 and ask to speak with Orren Zipper.

October 10th, 2009
Park Lane Litho launches retouching support for iPad and Android Tablets

The iPad has finally been officially announced by Apple!

With the new official announcement of the iPad from Apple, Park Lane Litho is officially going to announce its support of the iPad. What does this mean to you, our customer? Well, this means that we will use our ONLINE Image Markup Tool, in conjunction with new competitive retouching and color correction image pricing, which is geared especially for iPad and Online publishing needs. We also have the knowledge necessary to make sure that your .pdf files, that will be used by the publisher, will meet the specifications of the iPad.

Our Online Image Markup Tool has been quoted by our customers, as being “The most innovative and user-friendly tool for retouching and color corrections I have ever had the pleasure of using.”, “This is the future of online web-based retouching, very responsive and it allowed for easy collaboration between our multiple departments and Park Lane. It is soo easy to use!”.

If you are interested in finding more about our services, please contact Orren Zipper and he will be happy to provide more information, as well as, answer any questions you have.

June 8th, 2009
U.S. Commerce Association’s Award Plaque Honors the Achievement

WASHINGTON D.C., June 8, 2009 — Park Lane Litho, Inc. has been selected for the 2009 New York Award in the Printing Color Separations category by the U.S. Commerce Association (USCA).

The USCA “Best of Local Business” Award Program recognizes outstanding local businesses throughout the country. Each year, the USCA identifies companies that they believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category. These are local companies that enhance the positive image of small business through service to their customers and community.

Various sources of information were gathered and analyzed to choose the winners in each category. The 2009 USCA Award Program focused on quality, not quantity. Winners are determined based on the information gathered both internally by the USCA and data provided by third parties.

About U.S. Commerce Association (USCA)

U.S. Commerce Association (USCA) is a Washington D.C. based organization funded by local businesses operating in towns, large and small, across America. The purpose of USCA is to promote local business through public relations, marketing, and advertising.

The USCA was established to recognize the best of local businesses in their community. Our organization works exclusively with local business owners, trade groups, professional associations, chambers of commerce and other business advertising and marketing groups. Our mission is to be an advocate for small and medium size businesses and business entrepreneurs across America.